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We offer lots of healthy products available to keep you vitalized through out the day. There are lots of options to choose from including 100% fruit juices, healthy snacks, natural drinks, water, nutritional bars, nuts and trail mixes, healthy chips and crackers! We can customize your selection to suite your location.

​​What Kind of Healthy Vending Snacks Do Provide?

It depends. Healthy food options offer great choices for diets of any type. The size and layout of Healthy 2 Vend automated vending machines give you access to placing a wide assortment of products and brand name items. From snack bags and bars to cans and bottled beverages, our healthy vending machine can accommodate a competitive assortment of healthy vending products.

Use Products That People Want?
We encourage our customers to work with us to find the snacks and drinks that make the most sense for there location. The reality is this: if you fill your vending machine with snacks and drinks that people want, people will be more inclined to use the machine, leaving them feeling more vitalized and more productive.

Use Products That Align With Your Business Concept.

Our healthy vending business model is a specialized concept or niche. Perhaps you only want to serve gluten free options, or snacks and drinks that align with a certain type of diet, like Paleo or South Beach. The options are completely up to you, but we highly encourage you to make it easy for customers to know what is in your vending machines, and that the products sell well.